Whole House Generator Installation

Whole House Generator Installation In New Orleans, LA And Metro Areas

If You Need A Whole House Generator Installation, Service, Or Maintenance.
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When one of our infamous Louisiana storms comes, is your home prepared? Will your family be without lights, a working refrigerator, or TV for hours, or maybe even days?

With our whole house generator installation services, you can weather the storm and keep the lights on!

By choosing standby generator installation from Craig’s Electrical and Generator Service, you’ll never have to worry about losing power. Contact us today to book residential generator installation in the Greater New Orleans metro area.

Keep the Power Flowing with New Orleans Whole Home Generator Installation

Whole home generators are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a permanent power outage protection solution. Unlike portable generators, which only run when you turn them on, this backup power system automatically provides uninterrupted, hassle-free power to your home. Your generator will run until the power comes back on, whether that’s in one hour or a whole week.

When you hire us for whole house generator installation, our technicians will prepare your generator site, run the liquid propane or natural gas line, and make all the connections for you. Not sure which size generator you need? Just give us a call, and we’ll assess your home for free.

All of our Generac home generators come with Mobile Link, a free service that lets you monitor your generator’s status from anywhere in the world. Mobile Link gives you maintenance alerts, too, so you can fix your unit if something goes wrong before the next storm.

Benefits of Whole Home Generator Installation

Curious about the perks of installing a generator at your home? When you purchase a whole house generator, you’ll own an emergency power solution that offers great benefits like these:

Continuous, Consistent Power

Portable generators have a limit to how much fuel they can hold. If that fuel runs out, you’ll lose power, and that can be a major headache in the middle of a terrible storm. When it’s pouring rain, heading out to the store to buy more fuel is probably the last thing you want to do! Whole house generators, on the other hand, supply uninterrupted power for as long as you need it.

Protects Your Health and Safety

Unlike portable generators, whole house units don’t emit as many fumes, which means less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. And because standby generators are so reliable, these units are a great choice if you have a family member who uses medical equipment that requires power, such as a nebulizer or sleep apnea device.

Powers Your Home No Matter Where You Are

What happens if the power goes out when you’re away on vacation or a business trip? If your refrigerator stops running, you could lose hundreds of dollars worth of food. A lack of power makes it easy for thieves to tell that you’re not home, too.

Even though New Orleans is so far south, winter weather can unexpectedly dip below freezing at any time. Your pipes could burst and flood your home, costing you thousands in repair bills.

If you have a whole house generator, though, the power kicks on and stays running without any input from you. Plus, you can easily monitor the status of your generator by using Mobile Link from any desktop computer, tablet, or phone.

Schedule Whole Home Generator Installation from the Pros

Are you looking for reliable whole house generator installation, maintenance, or repair in the New Orleans metro area? When you’re ready to say goodbye to your noisy portable generator and make the switch to a cutting-edge Generac model, give Craig’s Electrical and Generator Service a call today! We’ll handle everything, from helping you choose the right-sized unit to making sure your new generator is ready for its first storm.

To get a free quote and book your appointment, contact Craig’s Electrical and Generator Service at (504) 677-1023 today.

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