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Whole House Generator Maintenance In New Orleans, LA And Metro Areas

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If you’ve made the smart choice to install a whole house generator, congratulations! It can bring you peace of mind to know that you’ll have power even when a nasty storm comes your way. Whole home generators are very reliable, but to get the most out of your unit, it’s smart to schedule routine generator maintenance every six months.

At Craig’s Electrical and Generator Service, we offer a wide range of maintenance services to help you protect your investment. So skip the dirty work of doing your own generator maintenance, and let the pros handle it for you!

Our Preventive Generator Maintenance Services

When properly maintained, a whole house generator can serve you for 20 to 40 years. Here’s what you’ll get when you call Craig’s Electrical and Generator Service for whole house generator maintenance.

Exterior Visual Inspections

When we arrive at your home, we’ll perform an exterior generator inspection to check your unit for debris that could cause blockages. Our technicians will look for piles of grass clippings, leaves, branches, and mold. We will also make sure that the wiring is in good condition and the generator housing is clean and dry.

To clean your generator’s housing, we can use a soft-bristled brush to remove fuel residue from openings. We’ll also use non-flammable degreaser to wipe out dust and debris.

Changing Spark Plugs

Just like your car, your generator has spark plugs to help the engine ignite fuel, whether that’s natural gas, gasoline, or diesel. Spark plugs can get quite dirty after about a year of use. If your generator’s spark plugs are looking worse for wear, we will swap them out for new ones.

Cleaning and Changing Air Filters

Cleaning and replacing the air filter is very important because the filter stops debris from getting into the combustion chambers. If this happens, your generator’s parts could wear down prematurely.

As part of our generator tune-up services, we’ll clean your air filter every six months and replace it with a new filter each year. 

Changing Oil Filters

Oil filters can get seriously clogged if you don’t change them out for new ones every so often. If the filter clogs, your generator’s engine won’t get enough oil, which means it could stop working.

We will remove and dispose of the old oil filter, then install a fresh one to keep your unit running in top condition.

Fuel System Maintenance

Generators are pretty similar to cars in that you shouldn’t let old oil sit in them for years. Your generator should have an oil change after about 50 hours of use.

During a generator oil change, we let your generator’s engine run for about five minutes so it warms up, then drain out the old oil and dispose of it properly.

Next, we’ll add new oil. Most whole home generators use 5W-30 synthetic oil, but we’ll check the owner’s manual before working on your unit to make sure.

Cleaning the Battery

On top of a fuel source, your generator also needs a battery to run. Over time, batteries can develop corrosion and lose connectivity. We’ll clean your battery to remove any corrosion we find and ensure it’s connected as it should be. We also offer generator battery replacement if your battery is past its prime.

Generator Load Testing

If you rarely use your generator, it could struggle to provide power to your home when needed. Load testing involves powering up your generator and running it at full capacity under an artificial load. This tells us whether your generator will work as intended when you need it.

Schedule Generator Maintenance in New Orleans Today

Your generator should last you for at least 20 years, but with regular whole house generator maintenance, it could run for far longer than that. Keep your generator running at its best with our professional generator maintenance services in New Orleans!

To schedule maintenance for your generator, call Craig’s Electrical and Generator Service at (504) 677-1023 today, or reach us online here.

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